How it works

IMG_1017To ensure that the scheduled work is complete we commit 3 to 10 days of your itinerary to physically contribute to project work. The combined labour of the participants and the local community will result in the completion of the project. We’ll be working to a relatively tight deadline and so you’ll be expected to devote up to six hours of work per day, sometimes more.

Before your group arrives at the project site, all materials and tools will have been purchased and ready at the site, all necessary technical skills will be employed locally to assist you during the project (e.g. specialist local tradesmen). The cost of these materials and local labour is funded by WEF and the generous donations from CPT participants and from other fundraising activities.

We’ll provide the tools and equipment but you should bring gloves, old clothes and sturdy boots. You’ll be provided with water, snacks as well as a hearty lunch during the project work.

Please bring a flexible attitude, because despite all our planning, the nature of these projects means you’ll need to be adaptable and open to change. For instance, we cannot control the weather and poor weather can change the extent of the work.

At the beginning of each day the project manager will direct and distribute the workloads among participants based on their abilities and strengths. As much as possible tasks will be distributed equally. If there is a task that you cannot perform simply inform the project manager. At the end of each day the project manager will recap the achievements of that day. We don’t ask for particular skills but if you have a trade you can highlight any relevant experience that you have to our staff before departure.

You’ll need to be in good health and with a reasonable level of fitness. Our trips are graded, allowing you to choose a suitable trip. Refer to our trip grading system >>

Magara_local_ladies_with_CPT_participant-mediumWhat is included in the cost of my trip?

CPT is a not for profit division of World Expeditions. The cost of your trip is directed to the travel arrangements such as accommodation, transfers, entry fees, vehicles and meals. A small proportion (approximately 5%) of your participation fee is directed to marketing so that we can attract more volunteers to ensure the longevity of the CPT program.

The cost of your trip does not include the costs of the project itself.

How are the projects funded?

The costs of the project (i.e. the cost of materials, transport of the material and local labour) are funded by the generous donations we receive through the World Expeditions Foundation.

We estimate that if every CPT participant donates US$400 to the World Expeditions Foundation we will be able to fund a project.

Upon booking your reservations consultant will send you details about how to make a donation.

Although all reasonable efforts are made to match your donation to the CPT project you will participate in, due to the number of projects we support and due to the different needs and costs of each project, we cannot guarantee that your donation will be applied to that particular project. In fact, your donation may fund more than one project and/or it may fund a different project to the one you are participating in, depending on the needs at the time.