Rebuild Nepal: Shree Setibhume Secondary School & Everest Base Camp

This is your opportunity to donate more than just money, donate your time and physical effort to help Nepal rebuild its schools.

Number of days: 21
Activities: 5 day community project travel | 12 day trek
Departure date: From Kathmandu on 16 October 2016


The Shree Setibhume School is located in Ramche in the Rasuwa district in Northern Nepal. The school is the biggest in the area. The people of this region are predominantly from the ethnic group called Tamang; they are poor and rely on subsistence farming. A large number of World Expeditions’ porters come from this area. The Shree Setibhume School has 342 students enrolled ranging in age from three to fifteen years. The school has nine government funded teachers and three teachers funded by the community. Students from the nine surrounding communities attend the school. Before the 2015 earthquakes the school was made up of fourteen classrooms, and now three classrooms need to be rebuilt. The World Expeditions Foundation is funding the construction of these classrooms and inviting travellers to assist on the construction site, working alongside local tradespeople and the community to make the Shree Setibhume School a safe and conducive learning environment again. Following the project work you’ll trek to Everest Base Camp.