Rebuild Nepal: Shree Manjushree Secondary School, Gorkha Region

Shree Manjushree School Students

Shree Manjushree Secondary School Students

Number of days: 18
Activities: 4 days community project | 7 days trek
Accommodation: 3 nights hotel | 14 nights wilderness
Departure date: from Kathmandu on 25 November 2017


Trip Highlights:

  • Local Villages from Kasha Goan, Gorkha district in Nepal

    Locals from Kasha Goan, Gorkha District in Nepal

    Assist in the rebuilding of a mountain school that was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquakes

  • Unique insights into the Gurung and Tamang culture as you work alongside the Gorkha community
  • A remote and unique trek from the Langtang region that tracks southwest through to the bottom corner of the Manaslu Circuit
  • A total wilderness experience along unbeaten trails to discover untouched traditional cultures
  • Keep a keen eye out … aside from incredible mountain views you may also spot red panda, musk deer, bear or even leopard in these remote regions
  • Kasha Goan Village Gorkha District in Nepal

    Kasha Goan Village in the Gorkha District in Nepal

    Ample acclimatisation days built into this well‑crafted itinerary

  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu, including Pashupatinath and the giant Buddhist stupa at Boudhanath

Are you a well-seasoned trekker with an interest in leaving behind something positive and tangible in the places you pass through? If you answered in the affirmative – this is the trip for you!

In April and May 2015, Nepal was struck by a series of devastating earthquakes. The community of Kashi Goan in the Gorkha region of Nepal was close to the epicentre of the quakes. Tragically, nine

Temporary classrooms following the 2015 earthquakes. This project will build new classrooms to replace these.

This project will replace these temporary classrooms

people from the village died during the earthquake, 150 people were injured, 50 houses were destroyed and the secondary school received considerable damage. The World Expeditions Foundation will fund the construction of three classrooms at this school. In November 2017, you can be one of 16 travellers to take this incredible trek and assist this community to rebuild their school.The school was established in 1962 and has 365 students attending, aged between three and seventeen years. There are twelve teachers, five of which are funded by the Government and the remaining teachers are funded privately or by the village community. Kashi Goan village is made up of 50% Buddhists, 40% Christians and 10% Hindus, and 90% of the villagers are Ghale Gurungs and

Shree Manjushree Secondary School, Nepal

Shree Manjushree Secondary School, Nepal

10% are Dalits. The trek is remote and spectacular affording views of the Langtang and Ganesh Himal, including a crossing of the Khurpu Dada Pass (3710m). This trek is not for beginners; previous trekking experience is required. The trails are mainly used by the villagers for herding stock, so they can be loosely defined. The beauty of this trek is that the chances of you seeing another group of trekkers are slim.