Doing it right.

SerloWeb1Voluntourism has been getting some bad press across the globe … bringing to our attention some negative situations where ‘orphanage tourism’ has created a market for orphans, where well meaning voluntourism organisations leave behind an unsustainable ‘solution’ with no thought for the long-term and where host communities are ostracised from the process and decision making so much so that they are left feeling disempowered and ultimately dependent on outside help to solve their problems.

We are confident that our Community Project Travel program is well thought out, consultative and results in a long-term solution for the host community.

Magara School Project

“Our method for accessing sustainable and meaningful projects is based on decades of experience, well-established and trusted partnerships with our local operators as well as a tried and tested formula of what makes for a successful project – both for the traveller and the host community” says Responsible Travel Manager, Donna Lawrence. “We are very careful to ensure that our project work provides solutions to real problems that are identified by the host community, that it empowers and involves the host community, that it provides a transference of skills across both parties and that it reflects our Responsible Travel policies.