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Serlo Monastery Waste Management Project

Serlo Monastery Waste Management Project

In April 2013 a group of Community Project Travel participants set off for a volunteering in Nepal adventure. They trekked into the remote Solu Khumbu village of Junbesi to assist the local community in building a waster incinerator for the Serlo Monastery. The project was a huge success. Here’s what our well respected local coordinator Mr Ang Tshering Sherpa has to say about the project and volunteering in Nepal: –

Serlo Monastery Waste Incinerator project: volunteering in Nepal

The Serlo Monastery Waste Incinerator project has been of great benefit since it’s establishment. It will help the monastery to minimize the garbage and also it is part of the education for the monk students regarding the environment and waste management. Additionally it has been built in the safe location away from the forest so there is no longer the threat of a forest fire. I am sure that this project will help minimize the waste and safeguard the environment. Thanks to World Expeditions and all the participants who where involved in this project and I hope that we can continue this project in the near future in some other places throughout the region.”

Ang Tshering Sherpa | Nepal