Better health in Annapurna


Our group of trekkers at the Kopra Ridge ‘high’ point.

In March 2015 I found myself trekking once again in the beautiful Annapurna ranges of Nepal, but this time I was trekking with a group of journalists from around the world. We were in the Annapurna to experience the new range of Eco Campsites that World Expeditions have established in the region. The Eco Campsites provide travellers with a very comfortable camping experience whilst ensuring the footprint on the natural environment is kept minimal, and providing maximum benefit to the mountain community. Also trekking the trails with us was videographer, Mark Tipple. Mark lives by the ocean and much of his work has him either on or under the water, so this foray into the Himalaya mountains (with no coastline in sight) was an entirely new experience for him and his lens to savour.


Visiting the Sanjiwani Public Health Mission

Three days into our trek we stopped in the picturesque village of Ghandruk. In 2011 and 2012, the World Expeditons’ Community Project Travel program had two groups of travellers volunteer 3-4 days of their trekking holiday to help build a better health clinic for the village of Ghandruk. We seized the opportunity to take some footage at the Sanjiwani Public Health Mission in Ghandruk. The wonderful team at Sanjiwani Public Health Mission were happy to tell us about the impact our Community Project Travellers had on their health clinic.

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Donna Lawrence | Responsible Travel Manager | World Expeditions.

Note: the Sanjiwani Public Health Mission suffered little damage from the April/May 2015 earthquakes. The team from Sanjiwani Health quickly stepped into action to bring food and shelter relief to many mountain communities devastated by the earthquake.