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An adventure holiday has the power to change you, and conversely you can effect change in the places you visit. Since 2005, travelers from across the globe have been making tangible change in underprivileged communities by partaking in our Community Project Travel (CPT) trips. Working along-side volunteers from the host communities, travelers complete grass-root construction projects that are funded by the World Expeditions Foundation.

Our Community Project Travel program with the support of the World Expeditions Foundation is committed to assisting underprivileged communities in Nepal, Peru, Vietnam, Tanzania and Australia. These communities receive little or no government support and coupled with dire economic predicament are in need of assistance. After consultation with the heads of these communities we have identified a number of projects in each community that we aim to complete over the course of time. These projects are completed over 3-10 days and form part of an adventure itinerary.

The project work is collaborative and the experience is mutually beneficial – the host community gains the end result of the project work and both the host community and the traveller come away from the experience with the exchange of culture and skills, from which greater understanding and tolerance grows.

World Expeditions Foundation (WEF) is a not-for-profit entity (with DGR charity status) whose main aim is to raise donations for education based projects in underprivileged communities across the globe. WEF funds the purchase of materials and equipment for CPT projects, the transport of the materials to the work site as well as the wages of a local trade people to oversee project work. We ask that CPT participants make a donation to WEF to support the project that they will be working on.

What makes CPT different?

Our PhilosophyThere are many opportunities for you to volunteer in under privileged communities around the globe for a few months or even for a year. There are also many volunteer opportunities for people with specific skills in such fields as teaching, construction and medicine. That’s where CPT differs!

1. No particular skill is required

2. You can partake on your annual leave holidays, the project work makes up 3-10 days of your adventure itinerary

When you combine an experienced travel company, a good amount of prior planning, a motivated community in need of assistance, with a group of committed and enthusiastic travellers, it is amazing to see what can be achieved within 4-10 days of hard work.

Our commitment to true community service projects

Our commitmentAt the core of each project lies our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. We take on projects with much care and consideration and with some important criteria in mind to ensure that we are having a positive impact on the host communities and environments where we conduct projects. These criteria include:

  • Consultation: during the project identification stage we consult with the leaders of the host community to ensure that the project fulfills a real need within that community. We listen to what the community needs as opposed to telling them what we think they need.
  • Collaboration: when the actual project is being carried out we ensure that members of the host community partake in the project work in either a paid or volunteer basis ensuring ownership, interaction and transference of skills (in both directions)
  • Education: our program educates through the practical application of environmental and social solutions to the everyday problems that are experienced in impoverished and often remote communities. Our itineraries in addition to project work include the highlights and travel experiences that are typical of the host country.
  • Sustainability: we investigate and ensure that the projects are sustainable and long term and that the local community has the skills and resources to sustain the project once we leave.
  • Completion: our travellers combined with volunteers and tradespeople from the host community make up the work force to ensure that the project is complete by the time our group leaves.

The origins of volunteer travel

Serlo Waste Management Project, volunteering in nepalIt’s a growing trend, a movement in the world of travel … more and more travellers are choosing to incorporate philanthropy into their holiday experience. Coined as ‘voluntourists’ these travellers are seeking more from their experience and are learning that it is in ‘giving back’ that they can themselves derive much enjoyment and fulfillment.

They come from all age groups; from across all nations and from varied social and economic landscapes, however they share one common trait and that is they are altruistic at heart.

CPT commenced in 2005 and in that time we have completed 49 humanitarian and conservation projects across many countries; including 10 in Australia, 20 in Nepal, 5 in each of Peru, Vietnam and Tanzania, 1 in each of India, Kenya, Cambodia and Laos. This wonderful result was made possible by the combined effort of over 500 travellers from across the globe.

The World Expeditions Travel Group

World Expeditions is one of the world’s leading adventure travel companies offering ground breaking small group adventure holidays which began with its first trekking holiday to Nepal in 1975. Today, with offices around the globe, they offer more than 500 stand alone itineraries; small group active adventures and expeditions, cycling and walking tours and cultural journeys to every continent on earth. The company’s all-inclusive, no hidden extras pricing policy combined with longer, creative itineraries and the use of quality ground services attracts people who have high expectations of their adventure travel experiences.

UTracks: Utracks offers affordable, self-guided and small group guided active holidays across Europe. Choose from a wide variety of quintessential European outdoor experiences from trekking the French Alps, cycling through Tuscany, exploring the islands of Greece, Croatia or Turkey by bike and ship, making a pilgrimage along the Compostela Trail or discovering the lesser known trails in Bulgaria, Romania & Slovenia. UTracks offers many family friendly itineraries and can also tailor make tours for private groups.

Adventure South: There’s simply no other collection of active New Zealand holidays that can match the geographic coverage, originality and overall quality of our Adventure South’s New Zealand adventure holidays. From the volcanoes to glaciers, snow capped mountains to ancient forests, Adventure South offers an extensive collection of walking, cycling, multi-activity holidays and mountaineering adventures on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Many of our New Zealand active holidays are uniquely operated by Adventure South.

Australian Walking Holidays: Australian Walking Holidays is a specialist brand created to highlight World Expeditions’ impressive portfolio of Australian adventure holidays. World Expeditions pioneered and operates a number of iconic active Australian holidays including the Larapinta Trek in the Northern Territory, Franklin River Rafting in Tasmania and the Heyson Trail in South Australia. These exclusive itineraries are based on over 30 years experience in creating trekking holidays in Australia and around the world.

World Youth Adventures: World Youth Adventures (WYA) is a specialist division of World Expeditions dedicated to organising overseas school group adventures. WYA is passionate about immersing young people in environments that offer unique experiences and takes the experience a step further by involving students in a ‘hands on’ project that will help an underprivileged community, leaving a positive and permanent benefit for the peoples of that community and lifelong friendships for students. Students will experience the joy of giving without the expectation of reward when they give their time and physical effort to those less fortunate.

Tasmanian Expeditions: Tasmanian Expeditions is the most experienced operator of treks and adventure travel holidays in Tasmania.  Operating in 1968 as Craclair, we were the first operator of bushwalks along the now legendary Overland Track. Since then, as Tasmanian Expeditions, we’ve pioneered commercial trekking on the rugged South Coast Track, in the spectacular Walls of Jerusalem as well as to the remote areas of Frenchman’s Cap and the Western Arthurs. Our walking, cycling, rafting and rock climbing itineraries, all led by passionate and experienced guides are as diverse as Tasmania herself.

Great Canadian Trails: Great Canadian Trails has emerged as our specialist active Canadian Holiday program, offering a growing selection of both small group guided and supported self-guided hiking and cycling adventures from coast to coast. Experience different landscapes and communities at handlebar lever, hike rugged sections of the Trans Canada Trail, and explore the dramatic mountain trails of the West. For a bigger challenge, haul a full pack on the West Coast Trail or strap on some crampons for a mountaineering course in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Sherpa Expeditions: Sherpa Expeditions was founded in 1973 and specialises in self guided and escorted holidays to Europe and across the globe. The company offers a range of self guided inn to inn walking & cycling tours, escorted walks and expeditions, Himalayan Tours as well as Walker’s Britain, a pioneering collection of over 20 British walking tours which include the Coast to Coast Trail and Hadrian’s Wall. Sherpa has refined self guided holidays to an art.  Over many years their leaders, local representatives and clients have all contributed to the detailed trail notes provided to walkers, making them the definitive guide to the areas they visit, which includes 16 iconic European walking destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and much more.

Yomads: Yomads (derived from a hybrid of Young Nomads) offers unique travel experiences specifically for the 20s and 30s, taking travellers off the beaten track and into the hidden corners of six continents. Designed as a way to bring young adventurers together, Yomads caters to those interested in lightly structured and active trips that allow freedom to roam and explore. Yomads’ small, global groups ensures that young travellers embarking on a Yomads trip are in the company of likeminded travellers who enjoy the wide variety of trip activities on offer which include trekking, cycling, rafting, canyoning, and sailing.

Huma Charity Challenge: Huma Charity Challenge is a specialist provider of charity challenges, drawing on World Expeditions’ decades of experience in offering high quality adventure travel experiences. One of the original pioneers of the charity challenge concept, we began operating challenges for charities in the UK and Australia when the concept of fundraising through travel was first conceived in the late 1990’s. Since then we have successfully organised over 500 adventures for charities around the globe ranging from International Agencies to National Charities and many smaller local charitable causes, enabling the collection of over 1 million in funds raised. The word ‘Huma’ also refers to a Persian mythological “Bird of Paradise”, which is considered to be a compassionate bird. It is believed that the touch of the Huma brings great fortune.