What group size can I expect on a Community Project Travel trip?
In accordance with our Responsible Travel policy to ensure that your group has minimal impact on the environment and communities we visit we limit the number of participants to 16. Depending on the project the minimum number required is around 8 – 10 participants to ensure we have enough project funding and the work force required to complete the project. In instances where we have small groups the final number of participants can be supplemented by a local workforce.

Who will I be travelling with on a Community Project Travel trip?
Our voluntourists come from all walks of life, from around the globe, they are of all ages, slightly more females make up the group and they bring with them their own individual set of life experiences and skills. Some are in the self-discovery mode of their life and seeking personal growth, others are purely philanthropic by nature, some are looking a different type of travel experience, and others are seeking the cultural exchange aspect of the experience. Eventually they’ll share one commonality … an incredible life-altering experience.

What is included in the cost of my Community Project Travel trip?
CPT is a not for profit division of World Expeditions. The cost of your trip is directed to the travel arrangements such as accommodation, transfers, entry fees, vehicles and meals. A small proportion (approximately 5%) of your participation fee is directed to marketing so that we can attract more volunteers to ensure the longevity of the CPT program. The cost of your trip does not include the costs of the project itself.

How are the projects funded?
The costs associated with the projects (i.e. the cost of materials and local labour) are funded by the World Expeditions Foundation (WEF).

We estimate that if everyone donates roughly 25% of the total cost of their trip, we will be able to fund a project but donations of any amount are welcome and greatly appreciated. You can make a donation here.

Although all reasonable efforts are made to match your donation to the CPT project you will participate in, due to the number of projects we support and due to the different needs and costs of each project, we cannot guarantee that your donation will be applied to that particular project (in fact, your donation may fund more than one project and/or it may fund a different project to the one you are participating in, depending on the needs at the time).

Can I take my kids on a Community Project Travel trip?
Because of the nature of the project work we engage in we do not take kids under the age of 18 onto these trips. The work can be heavy and for the underage it can also be dangerous. Because it is all hands on deck, it would be difficult for parents or guardians to work on the project and supervise children at the same time. However if you would like to make travel arrangements for your family and incorporate a community project element into the itinerary, please do contact us, we will do our best to find a sustainable meaningful project that is suitable for the age of the children. Please see the Plan Your Own Project section of this site >>

Can I organise a private project, school groups or GAP Year itinerary with World Expeditons?
Quite simply the answer is YES. If you are interested in incorporating community project work into a private itinerary please visit the Plan Your Own Project section of this site >>

If you’re a secondary school teacher wanting to organise an overseas school group experience that includes community project work or a student looking for something worthwhile and fulfilling to do during your GAP Year please visit our youth brand website – World Youth Adventures >>.

Why should I volunteer with a reputable travel company?
Sometimes despite the best intentions, well meaning organizations have created more problems then they has solved when attempting to operate volunteering programs. There are a number of factors that must be considered when operating these experiences, namely Consultation, Collaboration, Education, Sustainability and Completion as outlined in the ‘Our Commitment’ section of this website. There are also two parties that must be considered – the host community and the ‘voluntourist’. Expectations must be managed well, welfare must be protected at all times and the overall benefit must be mutual. We aim to take the guesswork out of volunteering on your travels. Years of experience afford us with the experience and contacts to confidently arrange projects that are sustainable. When booking on a Community Project Travel trip all your arrangements will be carefully managed, saving you time and worry, you’ll be garnished with information pertaining to your project and have a dedicated reservations consultant handling your file.

What can I expect from the accommodation?
The accommodation on these adventures varies including 4-3 star hotels, lodges, permanent tented camps and wilderness camping. Trip notes have been developed for each project and they specify the accommodation used on each trip.

What type of food can I expect?
We are fully aware of the healthy appetites that develop when travelling, especially when you’ve finished a days worth of trekking or work on a community project. We provide tasty and varied meals with plenty of fresh ingredients. Our excellent cooks serve a sensible combination of local and western dishes while at the same time ensuring high standards of hygiene. We also cater for vegetarians and most special dietary requirements providing you advise us in advance of your departure.

How safe are your Community Project Travel trips?
Your well being is our first priority. Our expert guides are fully conversant with the demands of travelling in remote regions. Ultimately our aim is to minimise the risk factors as much as possible; something that we’ve had a lot of practice at over the 3 decades we’ve been operating adventure holidays. The local project manager will make it their job to be aware of safety hazards and will ensure relevant health and safety measures are taken to protect not just you and your fellow group members, but also the local people and wildlife. It is important that our participants do not partake in dangerous activities during the project work, such as electrical work, roof work or using heavy dangerous machinery. Local workers with these skills will be employed to carry out this type of work.

Can you help me reach my destination?
We can access a wide range of competitive airfares, so please call your nearest World Expeditions office or your travel agent for a quote.

What if I am travelling as a single?
Generally, half of the travellers on these trips are single-travellers. We can match single travellers with a fellow traveller of the same gender and no supplement is charged. Otherwise you can request single accommodation and a supplement will be charged.