Ethical Travel Friends

Throughout our many decades of business we have been fortunate to work with a number of like-minded organisations that share our passion for the conservation of our natural and cultural environments. Hear what a few of these established reputable global leaders have to say about our commitment to true environmental and cultural sustainability.

our planet logo LOW“Our Planet Travel is proud to be selected as a media partner with World Expeditions and Community Project Travel. World Expeditions is a leader in responsible travel. We hope through our partnership that we encourage and inspire people to spend their tourism dollar more wisely, and become more responsible travellers” – says Melanie Grevis-James


Himalayan_Trust_Logo-original“2003 was a tremendously exciting year for me with the 50-year anniversary of my 1953 summit of Mount Everest with Tenzing Norgay. The 29th of May heralded celebrations all over the world, including the banquet tent at Thyangboche where 150 enlivened World Expeditions trekkers gathered for one of Nepal’s largest mountain dinner parties. The event helped to raise a substantial donation for the Himalayan Trust – funds that are so vital in continuing the work that the trust invests in schools and medical facilities for the Sherpa people of the Everest region. I am so grateful to World Expeditions and its participants, for the continued efforts, contributions and support of the Trust over the years.” – The late Sir Edmund Hillary.

internationalporterprotectionlogo“IPPG would like to congratulate World Expeditions on its ongoing support and efforts to make the conditions of their porters safer and easier. By following IPPGs five porter care guidelines such as providing tents, cooked food and warm drinks in addition to full outdoor clothing and boots when porters are above the tree line, World Expeditions has set a high standard of porter care for large trek companies. In addition, World Expeditions’ initiative in flying large quantities of clothing to Nepal for the porter clothing bank in Kathmandu and sponsoring fundraising talks is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.” – says Dr Jim Duff, Patron IPPG.

CF_Logo_WTRANS“World Expeditions encourages responsible travel through offsetting the emissions from air travel. Carbon offset projects reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and help local communities at the travel destinations. In Cambodia, World Expeditions support a project that provides more efficient cookstoves to families in rural areas. In addition to the environmental benefits, these cookstoves reduce indoor air pollution from cooking over an open fire and less firewood is needed. This gives families more time to generate income and children can attends school more regularly” – says Freddy Sharpe, CEO.

IIPTLogoweb“The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) was founded in 1986 with a vision of travel and tourism becoming the world’s first ‘global peace industry” and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.” As an integral part of this vision, IIPT has  promoted a social and environmental ethic within the travel and tourism industry. It is most gratifying to know that a global adventure travel company has simultaneously been aiming for a similar objective. World Expeditions’ Responsible Travel Guidebook is testimony to their inherent vision to make travel a valuable player in the health of our world and it’s people” – says Louis D’Amore, Founder, International Institute of Peace Through Tourism.


10-Pieces-logo---no-tagline“10 Pieces is proud to have World Expeditions as its Founding Partner due to their ongoing commitment to minimise their environmental impact and their complete dedication to responsible and sustainable travel. Believing in the collective power of individuals and the potential of a grassroots organisation, Donna Lawrence, Responsible Travel Manager at World Expeditions, was the driving force behind integrating 10 Pieces into their trips and providing continuous program improvements. 10 Pieces would like to thank World Expeditions for providing us with strong local and international support so together we can create a cleaner world” says Lisa Vitaris, Founder and Director.

World_Vision-original“As an international development agency working within communities around the globe serving the most vulnerable, it is incredibly inspiring to align with an organisation like World Expeditions who has a strong commitment to responsible travel and child safe tourism. With a high ethical footprint and a genuine desire to encourage their customers to be mindful of the impact they can have while travelling, their dedication is testament to their organisational philosophy” – says Shona Langridge, Corporate Partnership Manager.

Paddy_Pallin-original“Paddy Pallin has worked closely with World Expeditions for many years. One reason that we have partnered with this business is the consistently high ethics and respect that WE have always paid to the environment and people of every country that they operate in.  World Expeditions, also works to improve the knowledge and understanding of all the clients that travel with them.  Many trips can include an element of giving back to the country that you are visiting, in my case a day spent fixing and painting a school house in Nepal.  This was a small effort on our part, however greatly appreciated and a great way of stepping beyond just being a tourist, into becoming friends with the people and being a part of the community” – says Tim Pallin.

world-nomads“Since 2005, World Nomads has partnered with World Expeditions to help to fund, film and share their Community Project Travel initiatives and the stories behind them. From repairing a village school in Rajasthan to rescuing marine wildlife in Northern Australia to bringing solar power to remote Andean communities in Peru, World Expeditions truly strives to give back to the places in which they operate. We are proud to partner with a tourism business that really believes in social impact, promotes responsible travel and supports travellers to make a difference in the world.” – says Alicia Crosariol, Programs Marketing Manager.

Wilderness_Society-original‘The Wilderness Society is dedicated to the protection, promotion and preservation of wilderness areas. Achieving this has never been easy. It is therefore extremely encouraging when a business takes leadership in developing respect for our fragile environmental and cultural landscapes. World Expeditions has displayed this leadership and committed themselves to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. They are striving to minimise the impact of their business, assist local communities in their efforts to care for the environment and educate their travellers. This ethical policy puts into writing a philosophy that they have been operating for many years. We commend them on their ongoing attempts to find a true balance between the enjoyment and the preservation of our physical and social environs.’ – says Matt Brennan, Business Operations Manager.

wap“World Animal Protection is thrilled to partner with World Expeditions on their animal welfare in tourism policy and code of conduct. This progressive adventure tourism company was a leader in removing elephant rides from all of their itineraries in 2014 and we were happy to help expand on that commitment to protect all animals everywhere they travel. World Animal Protection works with the organizations and people who have the most direct impact on improving the lives of animals and through our partnership with World Expeditions we can take a big step forward in ending the needless suffering of animals in tourism and ensure that wild animals stay in the wild where they belong” – says Elizabeth Sharpe, Communications Manager, Canada.

Sir_Edmund_Hillary_Foundation_logo-original“The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) has partnered with World Expeditions since 2007. The SEHF Huma Treks to the Solu Kumbu area of Nepal, have been an important vehicle in the foundation’s fundraising efforts. We have found our collaboration to be most beneficial in helping attain our goals of funding the operation of the Kunde Hospital, granting medical scholarships to Sherpa candidates, building and operating the Zeke O’Connor High School in Phaplu Nepal, providing Women’s Literacy classes for women over the age of 35, and in our reforestation efforts in the Khumbu area of Nepal.” – says Zeke O’Connor, Founder and Executive Director.

LNT-logo-skills&ethicsLeave No Trace (LNT) Australia is pleased to welcome World Expeditions as a partner which enables World Expeditions to align its internal minimal impact practices and messages with the growing international LNT program. Operating in locations with high biodiversity and cultural values World Expeditions has striven to be a leader in ensuring places and people are beneficiaries of travellers visiting their chosen destinations and in setting industry standards.” – says Cameron Crowe, Executive Director.