13 day: Huilloc Healthy Cook Stove Project & Salcantay Machu Picchu Trek

DSC_0391Make your time in Peru truly memorable, and help us make Huilloc kitchens smoke free!

Number of days: 13
Activities: 3 days community project | 4 days trek | 5  adventure touring
Accommodation: 7 nights hotel, 2 nights homestay and 3 nights camp
Departure date: 07 July 2017



  • Working alongside the people of Huilloc to install healthy cook stoves in some of the home in the community
  • DSC_0369A breath taking short trek through the Peruvian Andes
  • Returning home with an intimate insight into the fascinating Andean culture
  • Your first glimpse of the incredible ancient ruins of Machu Picchu
  • Time spent exploring the beautiful city of Cusco
  • Ollantaytambo, the Sacred Valley, Chinchero Markets, the salt mines of Maras and Moray Terraces

Huilloc is located in a remote corner of the Sacred Valley, a 25 minute drive from Ollantaytambo, in a district known for its customary traditions of back strap weaving. The community is home to 200 families.

The households rely on wood to burn in their rudimentary open fire cook stoves. The cook stoves produce a thick smoke that hangs in the air, trapped within the confines of the small kitchens. Mostly it’s the women and children who inhale the smoke during meal preparation.

According to the World Health Organization the inhalation of indoor smoke has been linked to pneumonia in children, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, low birth weight babies and lung cancer. IMG_0764The World Expeditions Foundation has committed to installing healthy cook stoves in the Huilloc homes over the coming years. Depending on the size of the group we will aim to install 8 to 20 cook stoves with the assistance of local experts. The local women give us a weaving demonstration and the local men will show us how they tend to the fields and pay respect to pachamama (earth mother).

Outside of the project work at Huilloc we visit the fortress citadel of Olllantaytambo and its traditional Inca village, spend time in the vibrant city of Cuzco and trek along an ancient Inca trail taking in views of Mount Salcantay and the IMG_20160606_153439sacred glacial lake of Humantay. Our adventure culminates at the enigmatic Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.