Tanzania: Kakoi Medical Centre Water Pipeline

CPT_2012_Kakoi_Community_Medical_Centre-_Tanzania-smallYear: 2012

Achievements: The group lay 6kms of water pipeline from the Osupuko Lodge (agreed to pump clean water to the medical centre for 2 hours each day) to the medical centre in the nearby village of Kakoi. By the time the group left the village clean water was running from the tap inside the medical centre for the first time.

Impact: The clean water flowing from the medical centre tap means improved hygiene conditions for the medical centre. It also means that the women and children from the community to not need to take the long and dangerous walk to the closest water source – a water hole that was shared with wildlife, needless to say the water in this water hole was dirty and full of disease.

Footage: A film crew from Australia’s national television network – the Nine Network – travelled to Tanzania to film the project work and here is the results >>