Tanzania: Magara Primary & Secondary School Projects

Magara_Secondary_School_Project-smallYear/s: 2008, 2009 and 2011


2008: Secondary School – Installation of solar panels, adequate to run 3 computers, which will be supplied and maintained by the World Expeditions Foundation.

2009: Secondary School – built new desks, assist with the general refurbishment of the classroom facilities and the installation of water tanks.

2011: Primary School – work included:

  • Built eight wood school desks and painted them in clear vanish.
  • Repaired eight old school desks and repaired four teacher’s tables.
  • Help to lay a mortar screed over concrete in two classrooms. Each classroom measured 8×6 metres.
  • Patch-plaster the walls in one classroom.
  • Paint classroom floor shirting.
  • Repaired one wall in an old classroom to stabilise the brickwork.
  • Assisted to place two plaster Blackboards, each measuring 5 x 1.25 metres in a preschool new building.
  • Paint all existing Blackboards in the school.

Magara_Secondary_School_Students-smallImpact: The impact these three groups had on the schools of Magara is considerable. The installation of the solar panels means that a village that is not connected to the electricity grid can offer their students much needed computer skills. A rainwater tank means that the students have access to clean water without having to walk kms to the nearest water source before school starts. Freshly painted blackboards makes for ease of learning. The construction of more desks and the repair of existing desks means that less children are seated at each desk – perhaps allowing 3 children to share a desk instead of 4 – with more room to learn.

Testimonials: Read about Vicki Potts experience on one our these Magara projects on her travel blog site Red Head Travels

“Great experience to share with my 14 year old son. We had a wonderful group of 10! – it was the right number. Very Memorable!” R. Wagner | Australia

“I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent trip to the Magara secondary school project in Tanzania and how wonderful the World Expeditions staff were. Our guide was a fantastic source of information and really helped us a great deal but also allowed us a lot of freedom to work things out for ourselves. The group was great and we hope to keep in contact as much as possible. The staff at the secondary school and the students were memorable and I wish them all the best and also to the people who attend the project next year.” L. Smith | Australia