Rebuild Nepal: Manju Shree Primary School

Year: 2015

Location Solu Khumbu region of eastern Nepal | # Students attending 60 students | Grades From nursery to class 5 | # Teachers 7 teachers, 6 teachers paid by the government and 1 teacher is sponsored  | Surrounding villages that access the school Roshi, Lura, Aur Bout, Bhalu Khop, Danda Tol and Balduk.

During the devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015, the school suffered major damage and it was determined that a full rebuild was required. World Expeditions guide Soren Kruse Ledet, who has a long-standing relationship with the community, travelled to Lura in June 2015 to access the damage and to bring supplies to help the community with the ensuing monsoon season and also to build makeshift classrooms.


It was determined that the construction of the school would be done in two stages. Stage 1 will build four classrooms and Stage 2 will build another two classrooms.

The World Expeditions Foundation agreed to fund the construction of of stage 1 to the amount of AUD$51,400.

Demolition of the existing buildings began in September 2015.

Foundation Work 3GROUP 1 Arrived: in Lura village on 14 October to a warm welcome from the community | Who are they? 11 travellers from Australia and United Kingdom | Who is the WE Guide? Sujan Khatri, has been guiding for World Expeditions since 2008, and in that time he has led many groups in both Nepal and Tibet. He completed our wilderness medical training in August 2015 and has numerous medical trainings previously with Dr. Jim Duff and KEEP.

Foundation Work 8DAILY REPORTS 

Day 01: They worked on the carriage of stones and mud to the project site. It rained for a few hours and so they had to stop work during the wet weather Day 02: They started digging the foundations of the classrooms. Again it rained and the group had to stop work for some hours until the heavy rain stopped DAY 03: The group dug 7 holes for the pillars. They also worked on the base of the foundation. The holes for pillars are 4 feet deep and the base are 3 feet deep DAY 04: Sadly, someone from the village passed away and so the community has shifted their attention today to puja work. The group will not do any labour work today, instead they are hiking to a nearby Monastery DAY 05: The group worked for half the day today, followed by farewell celebrations with the community … lots of dancing and singing was enjoyed.

Group 1 completed the much of the foundation work for the four classrooms. Following their work at Lura School this group headed off to trek to Everest Base Camp.

BIG thanks to each and everyone of you – Brooke Vosper, James Johnstone, Isabel Rios, David Hubbard, Richard Gallimore, Alison Gallimore, Clint Bradley, Simon Bamford, Robert Woolacott, Sonia Wray and Stephen Dockar.

Removing Nails and Dirt from the Old WoodGROUP 2 Arrived in Lura village on 26 October | Who are they? ten people from Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom | Who is the WE Guide? Bikash Rana, is a Solukhumba local. Bikash is well-experienced trek guide and climbing leader. He has been a guide with World Expeditions since 2002. He completed our wilderness medical training in August 2015 and has also completed a number of medical trainings previously with Dr. Jim Duff and KEEP.


Day 01: The group arrived in Lura and were welcomed by the community. They were briefed on the project work that lays ahead of them over the next 10 days DAY 02/04: 5 particpants worked at digging the foundation and 3 particpants helped in clearing the mud and 2 participants helped in gravel work DAY 05: All participants worked in stone soiling of the foundation DAY 06: 4 Making Iron Ringsparticipants worked in stone soiling and 6 participants worked in removing the nails from the old wood DAY 07/08: 5 particpants worked with the carrying of gravel, cement, sand carriage for the preparation of concrete mixing and 5 particpants helped in RCC tie beam DAY 09: The RCC tie beam work has been finished. 6 participants helped in gravel work for the pillars and 4 participants helped in making iron rings for the pillars DAY 10: 4 participants helped in gravel work. The group finished making 488 iron rings for the pillars. 4 participants helped to fix the rods for the pillars. 2 participants helped in stone carriage DAY 11: Today the group had a rest day, spent relaxing and then playing with the children. Some participants taught the students how to play basketball, some volleyball, some rugby and some how to throw a bomerang! After lunch they had a small farewell and thanksgiving program.

Group 2 completed the foundation work for the four classrooms. Following their work at Lura School this group headed off to trek in the Solukhumbu.

BIG thanks to each and everyone of you – Judy Rye, David Pickering, Jennifer Pickering, Carolyn Swift, David Bryant, John Woods, Sheila Groves, Emma Carlos, Heather Dempsey and Simon Evans.

During November 2015 – March 2016 the World Expeditions Foundation continued to fund the building project and the local tradespeople completed the classrooms.