Cambodia: Balang School Upgrade

A_group_of_young_Cambodian_boys-smallYear: 2008

Achievements: Over the course of project 17 participants and the local community achieved the following:

  • Building repairs including wood cladding, application of timber preservative, repairing holes and cracks in the walls
  • Providing new doors and replacing approx 20 window shutters
  • Building desks, benches, white boards
  • Fitting new lights in the classrooms
  • Repainting the entire school inside and out
  • Building additional desks, chairs and tables
  • Improving sanitation: There are currently two toilets which need repairs and a well.
  • Creating a clean drinking water supply by installing bio-sand water filters
  • Create shade in front of school by planting more trees.
  • Building a small playground

Impact: The school was built in 1996 by the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC). There are 5 rooms in all, but CMAC occupies 3 of the 5 rooms for their base camp, leaving only 2 classrooms available for lessons. Originally, only the first grade of 34 students was taught. However, the building has not functioned as a school for the last 2 years. This project will bring back into use the dormant school building. Classes will start in May 2008 and are expected to be over subscribed. The school will cater for both adults and children at different times of the day. Expected numbers are 60 children and 30 adults. The school is situated next to a Buddhist pagoda and the monks are keen to participate as well. The school will be staffed by volunteers and one Khmer national teacher.

Thanks to: our friends at World Nomads for raising the funds ($USD4,126.88) for the purchase of the materials and wages of the local trades people.