Nepal: Serlo Monastery Waste Management


Year: 2013

Achievements: The Serlo Buddhist Monastery located a short distance from Junbesi in the lower SoluKhumbu region have been using a waste incinerator for a number of years. In that time the thick vegetation from the nearby forest close to the incinerator has been growing closer to the waste disposal unit and the head Lama is concerned that it will cause a forest fire while its in use. Our small group of traold incinerator at the monestery sorrounded by the forestvellers- 5 in total – worked closely with volunteers from the area to build an alternate waste incinerator in a safer location.

Impact: Enables the monastery to dispose of their waste in a responsible and safe way. See the images below showing the previous incinerator and the location of  the new incinerator.

Comments from our local co-ordinator
“The Serlo Monastery Waste Incinerator project has been of great benefit since it’s establishment. It will help the monastery to minimize the garbage and also it is part of the education for the monk students regarding the environment and waste management. Additionally it has been built in the safe location away from the forest so there is no longer the threat of a forest fire. I am sure that this project will help minimize the waste and safeguard the environment. Thanks to World Expeditions and all the participants who where involved in this project and I hope that we can continue this project in the near future in some other places throughout the region.” Ang Tshering Sherpa | Nepal


“Both the trek and Serlo Monastery project were incredible – a set of experiences more wonderful, fulfilling and life enhancing than I could ever have wished for. I am already making plans for my next trip – Nepal is a truly magical place and the World Expeditions team who accompanied us really were fundamental to what became a very special three weeks for me.” M. Hawley | Australia

“This trip was a marvellous blend of experiences: of getting to know new people from three different countries; having the privilege of camping next to the temple in the Monastery and the opportunity to observe close-up the daily routines and religious practices, quite different from the Theravada Buddhist ones I am more familiar with from Sri Lanka and Thailand; helping to build the incinerator was itself  both interesting and rewarding, with benefits to the environment as well as the monastery community. The subsequent trek was made particularly enjoyable by the World Expeditions staff, who were unfailingly warm and friendly as well as being very proficient. The final highlight, a truly awe inspiring one, was when a snow shower ended one afternoon and a beautiful view of Mt Everest and Lhotse appeared through the lifting clouds. All in all, experiences to be treasured.” David Charnock | Australia















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Images: thanks to David Charnock and Ang Tshering.