Australia: Arnhem Land Marine Rescue Project


Year/s: 2006, 2007, 2008 (x2), 2009, 2010 (x2) and 2011

Achievements: Over the course of 8 successful clean-ups across 6 years, countless pieces of marine debris and tonnes of ghost nets were collected from this stretch of coastline, saving an enormous amount of marine life.

The last clean-up done over two one-week periods in September 2011 achieved the following:

  • 50 ghost nets cleaned from beaches on East Arnhem Land Coast
  • 750 kilograms of marine rubbish collected from beaches on East Arnhem Land Coast
  • All nets and marine rubbish disposed of properly in town waste management facility
  • 10 Aboriginal rangers from Dhimurru Land management participated in the program

DSC04067-smallImpact: The 2011 Arnhem Land Marine Rescue Project developed the following outcomes for the Yolngu Aboriginal host communities of north east Arnhem Land

  • Several beaches, all traditionally owned have been completely cleared of ghost nets and marine rubbish.
  • Cleaning these beaches helps traditional owner communities meet their customary law obligations to ‘looking after country’
  • The remote Aboriginal outstation of Nynyikay received a major boost in its effort to create a sustainable homelands cultural tourism enterprise. Nyinyikay has been struggling to get the business going but the arrival of the World Expeditions group helped everyone come together and make the enterprise work
  • All feedback from the Dhimurru Land Management Rangers has been exceptional positive


Local_family-small“It was such a great trip. Really rewarding to clean up the beautiful beaches up there – we found lots of ghost nets, which made us all feel glad to be there so we could get rid of them (didn’t find any trapped turtles but saw lots of turtle tracks on the beaches) – and to hang out with the Dhimurru rangers and learn a bit about Yolngu culture. … weather was sunny most days, and warm but not too hot – we even went swimming in the sea most days.” L. Southerden | Australia

“It turned out to be one of the most delightful vacation experiences I have had for many years. I can’t complement your staff enough on their recommendations, service, and general conduct, we received a very well informed commentary, and a very professional service. The whole trip exceeded my expectations!” Pam | Australia


Thanks to: our friends at World Nomads for raising the funds ($AUD6,003.07) for the purchase of the materials for the 2011 project as well as the wages of the rangers that assisting with the clean-up.