Laos: Eco Tourism Development

Year: 2009

Laos: Seuang River Project

Achievements: The part construction of an affordable and effective river crossing suspension bridge. The group started construction of the bridge and completed the first phase of the foundation with great success. The bridge project was continued by other organisations over 2 more phases and the project was complete in January 2010.

Impact: The construction of the bridge will improve food security through access to a highland farmland. Now that access to food is secured alternative supplemental livelihoods through eco-tourism activities  such as trekking, home stays, horse riding, ethnic dance and music can be created. This alleviates the need to rely on slash and burn agriculture, hunting and illegal deforestation as a livelihood.

Testimonial: Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this worthy cause and I loved every minute of it. The people the place and the company. I take my hat off to everyone involved.” S. Murray

Thanks to: our friends at World Nomads for raising the funds ($USD5,501.19) for the purchase of the materials for this project as well as the wages of the local trades person that worked on this project.