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KINDred Spirits is a place where we share some of the life-changing experiences had by CPT travellers and share comments and images from some of the communities we’ve worked with over the years. If you’ve travelled with us on a CPT trip we’d love to hear about your experience and take a look at some of your best images.
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A Family of Voluntourists

In September 2014, Brisbane mother and daughter team, Robbie and Molly Wagner set off for Tanzania to help bring clean water to a Masai school. Let’s hear what motivated them to work on their holiday and find out whether they’d do it again. Q. Robbie, this is the second Community Project in Tanzania that you’ve …
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How important is responsible travel to YOU?

How important is responsible travel to YOU? We’re conducting a study with Monash University on how important responsible travel practises are to your travel decisions – and we need your help! Can you spend 5 minutes of your time to tell us how responsible travel initiatives influence your thoughts, interests and purchases? Click here to …
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It’s a mud slide no more!

It’s a mud slide no more! COMPLETED August 2016: Safer pathway access for Thanh Son Elementary School Students The wet season in the Mai Chau region of northern Vietnam can typically bring up to 296 mm (11.7 inches) in a month. During the wet season the steep pathway leading from the road down to Thanh …
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Better health in Annapurna

In March 2015 I found myself trekking once again in the beautiful Annapurna ranges of Nepal, but this time I was trekking with a group of journalists from around the world. We were in the Annapurna to experience the new range of Eco Campsites that World Expeditions have established in the region. The Eco Campsites …
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What a difference a kitchen can make!

In March 2015, World Expeditions travellers journeyed to the  hills of Mai Chau in Northern Vietnam where they built a kitchen for the Thanh Son Elementary School. Meals can now be prepared in a clean environment and most importantly the students don’t have to return home for lunch, as many would often not come back …
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What a Mag!

OUR PLANET TRAVEL: FREE ECO TRAVEL MAGAZINE We’re passionate about responsible travel. So passionate that we’ve teamed up with Our Planet Travel, a brilliant magazine all about how to tread lightly while exploring our world. The current edition includes inspiring stories about volunteering projects, eco hotels, kayak and reef adventures in Australia; and destinations including …
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Rethinking Voluntourism

With the travel industry worldwide experiencing exponential growth in demand for ‘philanthropic travel’ or ‘voluntourism’ travel it is time for travellers to take stock to ensure that they are choosing a reputable operator of volunteer holidays – one that does their due diligence to ensure that the experience is beneficial to all involved. Here are …
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Community development in Papua New Guinea

  The Kokoda Track Foundation’s Marketing & Fundraising Manager Vera Huntink, shares with you her experiences working in Papua New Guinea and implementing sustainable community development programs. “Having worked in the travel industry for the majority of my career, I had wonderful experiences in many exciting and remote places. It wasn’t until July last year, …
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Comments from Nepal … volunteering in Nepal

In April 2013 a group of Community Project Travel participants set off for a volunteering in Nepal adventure. They trekked into the remote Solu Khumbu village of Junbesi to assist the local community in building a waster incinerator for the Serlo Monastery. The project was a huge success. Here’s what our well respected local coordinator …
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